NEEWER Clip On Filters Kit for Phone & Camera

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  • Lens Filter Kit- This kit includes four graduated color filters (red, orange, yellow, and blue), 1x  CPL filter, 1x ND32 filter, 1x  6-point star filter, and 1x lens clip. The aluminum frame of the clip ensures secure filter installation. We recommend not using a phone case to prevent light leakage
  • Circular Polarizing Filter- The Circular CPL filters allow you to remove unwanted reflections from surfaces like water, glass, etc. This effect is often used to increase the contrast and saturation of blue skies and white clouds
  • Neutral Density Filter- The ND32 filter reduces 5 stops of light entering the camera sensor without changing the color. It allows you to use a slower shutter speed for creative photos or a wider aperture for shallower depth of field
  • Star Filter- Easily turn point light sources into stars. Use the 6-point star filter to add 6 rays of light radiating outward from a strong point light source in your image. Perfect for shooting street lights, automotive headlights, reflections on water surfaces, candle lights, and other highlights
  • Graduated Color Filters- The four color filters are made of resin and double-threaded, so you can stack filters, which means you can add color to a part of the image without changing the color of the other part. They can help change the mood of your photos—ideal for smartphone or camera landscape photography and sunrise and sunset photography


  • Lens Filter Type: Graduated color, circular polarizing (CPL), neutral density (ND), star filter
  • Diameter: 52mm/55mm/58mm/67mm
  • Graduated Color Filters: Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue
  • Graduated Color Filters Materials: Resin
  • ND & CPL & Star filter Materials: Optical glass, aluminum alloy

Package Contents

  • 1 x Graduated Red Filter
  • 1 x  Graduated Orange Filter
  • 1 x  Graduated Yellow Filter
  • 1 x  Graduated Blue Filter
  • 1 x  CPL Filter
  • 1 x  ND32 Filter
  • 1 x  6-Point Star Filter
  • 1 x Phone Lens Clip
  • 1 x  Adapter Ring